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Partner Services

Hands-on and high-touch throughout the entire ticketing lifecycle

SeatGeek Enterprise clients get a lot more than just software. We offer a comprehensive, client-first approach to ticketing starting the moment we become partners, from implementation and technical support to analytics and marketing. We help clients make fans and staff happy while driving more revenue at all stages of the ticketing lifecycle.

Our team acts as an extension of each partner’s unique brand. SeatGeek Enterprise Marketing, part of our award-winning consumer-facing SeatGeek marketing team, focuses on leveraging current digital and offline marketing best practices to drive value for our clients. We aren’t an “add-on”, agency, or additional service; we are just one part of what being a SeatGeek Enterprise partner means. Access control, on-sales, and manifests are important, but they're not the full story. To us, a successful partnership means your fans, your staff, and your bottom line are happier now than they were before.

We think about Partner Services like treatment from a boutique hotel with an expert concierge. From setup to onsale to renewals, we partner deeply with clients to develop and execute on what matters most.

Partner Services

Seamless Transition

Switching systems isn’t easy. Our strong team of industry and product experts ensure implementation is efficient, fast, and accurate.

Hands-on Support

Full-service customer support and training before, during, and after launch to give your team the tools it needs.

Season-over-Season Growth

Clients benefit from our open ecosystem and wealth of customer data immediately upon launch. But it doesn’t stop there – once we’re live, our team helps clients leverage those assets to drive incremental revenue.

Marketing Services

Your Team, Extended

SeatGeek Marketing Services is an extension of your team, seamlessly working to achieve shared goals. We are dynamic, responsive, and there to make both your staff and budget seem larger.

Gen S Marketing

Your fans will never live in a world without screens and constant connectivity. We approach marketing in a systematic, experiential way that reaches users at their channel of choice.

Value > Volume

A database of dormant users doesn’t sell tickets no matter how large it is. Our SeatGeek users are active live-event attendees, and we use new and emerging CRM methods to help drive your ticket sales.

Right Data, Right Now

You’re making daily decisions, and you should have daily data informing those. SeatGeek puts web, social, and marketing attribution data at your fingertips each day.