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Company news and notes from the SeatGeek Enterprise team.

  • July 6, 2020

    SeatGeek Adapt

    The world has changed. How we bring back live events in the wake of COVID-19 requires innovative and flexible solutions for both event ticketing businesses and our beloved fans and patrons.

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  • October 30, 2018

    Everyone Wins With Openness

    It’s not news that we shop, buy and consume much differently than we did just a couple of years ago. This dynamic has implications on how companies message us and how we, at SeatGeek, think about live events.

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  • October 11, 2018

    The Three Commandments of a Truly Open Ticketing Platform

    For the past two years SeatGeek has been banging the drum for an open approach to ticketing in the United States. Here are the three commandments of a truly open ticketing system.

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  • October 26, 2017

    SeatGeek adds Facebook as distribution partner to fuel event discovery

    As the world’s largest social media network, Facebook powers an incredible amount of delightful discovery of information for their users, whether it is through a news post, long-lost childhood friend, or adorable cat video. We’re stoked to be able to add a piece of the live entertainment world to that.

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  • October 11, 2017

    Introducing SeatGeek Enterprise

    We believe great technology empowers organizations and delights users. For too long, ticketing technology has done the opposite.

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  • April 18, 2017

    TopTix Joins SeatGeek!

    We’re over-the-moon excited to announce that TopTix is joining SeatGeek.

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  • January 27, 2017

    The Ugly Truth: Why Legacy Ticketing Companies Love Fraud

    Ticketing companies want fraud. It is only the existence of unverified tickets that makes verified tickets a valuable asset. That status quo benefits ticketing companies at the expense of fans, marketplaces, and teams.

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  • January 20, 2017

    Announcing Pano, an Immersive Venue Experience

    We’re thrilled to launch Pano, a new product feature that offers the absolute best way for fans to check out what their view at an event will look like before purchasing a ticket.

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  • December 8, 2016

    SeatGeek is a 2017 Best Place to Work

    Making SeatGeek a great place to work is serious business for our team, and it’s one of the things we’re most proud of as a company. We’re thrilled that Glassdoor has recognized us as one of the top five Best Places to Work in 2017.

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  • August 12, 2016

    Announcing SeatGeek Open, the Platform Powering the Future of Ticketing

    In the last 20 years, not much has changed in the ticketing world. SeatGeek Open brings ticketing to the 21st century. We provide the technical infrastructure where any site can function as a box office.

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  • August 4, 2016

    Kicking Off the Future of Ticketing with Major League Soccer

    In July, we outlined a fundamental problem with the ticket industry. In a word, the ticket industry is closed. It should be open. Industry leaders loved our post, but they questioned “so what are you going to do about it?” We’re proud to announce a partnership with Major League Soccer and a radically open ticketing system for soccer fans.

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  • July 16, 2016

    Opening the Door to Live Entertainment

    At the end of the day, artists and teams care most about creating great experiences for fans, and fans care most about enjoying them. Closed platforms add friction to the ecosystem. Open platforms at their core are enabling, harnessing the power (and collective wisdom) of the internet to solve existing problems and create heretofore unconceived experiences. And the best part? That means more fans, at more events, having more fun.

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