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Introducing SeatGeek Enterprise

From the moment SeatGeek entered the primary ticketing market last summer, we’ve made it our mission to upend the status quo in an industry notoriously starved for innovation. We believe great technology empowers organizations and delights users. For too long, ticketing technology has done the opposite.

Following the uniting of SeatGeek and TopTix last spring, we’re thrilled to announce that our joined forces will now be operating under a new primary ticketing brand: SeatGeek Enterprise.

SeatGeek was built in 2009 as the only mobile ticketing marketplace created with fan experience top of mind. While we humbly believe we have the best consumer technology on the market, our mission goes beyond that – by bringing a technology-first approach to an industry sorely in need of a better solution, we aim to be a force for good in live entertainment.

We’ve taken the same technology-obsessed approach to our primary ticketing product, giving rightsholders the power, control, and flexibility they deserve. Our acquisition of TopTix – creators of the best back-end ticketing platform on the market, SRO – gives us the perfect complement to our best-in -class consumer tech. By marrying the two, we’re able to offer the premiere primary ticketing software on the market.

SeatGeek Enterprise is a front-to-back stack of services built to power a more open ticketing world in which venues and rightsholders have unprecedented flexibility, transparency, and monetization potential. By combining SeatGeek’s intuitive and effortless front-end consumer experience with SRO’s flexible and powerful box office ticketing software, we have built a full-stack combination that has never been seen before in our industry. With that, SeatGeek Enterprise is the premiere option for serving fans and attendees.

SeatGeek Enterprise clients get a lot more than just software. In addition to upholding the most robust product development pipeline in the industry, we offer a comprehensive, client-first approach to ticketing starting the moment we become partners, from implementation and technical support to analytics and marketing. We help clients make fans and staff happy while driving more revenue at all stages of the ticketing lifecycle.

In our ecosystem, rightsholders decide where to sell and who to work with. We’re laser-focused on the experience of teams, their staff, and their fans, providing ticketing technology that empowers rightsholders for an end-to-end approach throughout all stages of the ticketing lifecycle. Ticketing companies shouldn’t be a limiting factor – they should work for venues and customers, enabling them to do more. That’s better for fans, better for the box office, and better for business.