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We believe great technology empowers organisations and delights users. For too long, ticketing technology has done the opposite.

We envision a world in which rightsholders decide where to sell and who to work with. The result is a truly open ecosystem that spurs innovation, captures better data, and helps the world have more amazing live experiences. By bringing a technology-first approach to an industry sorely in need of disruption, we aim to be a force for good in live entertainment.

Our primary ticketing product gives rightsholders the power, control, and flexibility they deserve. Our software, SRO, was launched in 2000 as the first system to offer customers the ability to select a seat online. From that moment forward we have been a leader in ticketing innovation, building a truly modern, web-based, API-driven platform. In 2010, we completed a ground-up rewrite of the SRO system, adding functionality on a new, improved and modern infrastructure for the digital generation. Today, SRO has evolved into a business-critical system for more than 500 clients in 16 countries.

We’re laser-focused on the experience of venues, their staff, and their customers, providing ticketing technology that empowers rightsholders for an end-to-end approach throughout all stages of the ticketing lifecycle. Ticketing companies shouldn’t be a limiting factor – they should work for venues and customers, enabling them to do more. That’s better for customers, better for the box office, and better for business.

The Team

We come from different places and have different stories to tell, but share a passion for building outstanding ticketing technology. With hundreds of employees across offices on 4 continents, our team is ready to bring the industry into the future.

Executive Leadership

Danielle du Toit


Russ D'Souza


Richard Geary

EVP Global Client Experience


Jeff Ianello

North America

Charlie Sefi



Peter Joyce



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