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Audiences empowered to donate ticket costs to Arts Organizations during show closures

SeatGeek has developed software function for customer donations

18 March 2020 — Ticketing provider SeatGeek is working with theatre partners across the UK to utilise functionality within its ticketing system to allow them to appeal to audiences to donate their tickets to closed venues.

Thousands of venues up and down the country have been forced to close their doors following the government’s recommendation to avoid enclosed public spaces due to Coronavirus, with all audience members for cancelled shows entitled to a refund.

However, with the potential for closures to have a devastating effect on the arts, SeatGeek is helping theatres to appeal to their audiences to support their local venues and, where possible, to consider rejecting the offer of a refund and instead donate the cost of the ticket back to the venue.

SeatGeek, which provides the SRO ticketing software used by many of the UK’s leading theatres, has developed a function within its system, which allows customers to gift their ticket back to the theatre or to staff as a donation. This means that, instead of the box office having to go through the laborious process of contacting each customer to discuss options, theatres can take the initial step of emailing all customers with details of how to donate the money to the theatre as an act of goodwill. The donation can then be completed by the customer online.

SeatGeek’s managing director for EMEA Entertainment, Charlie Sefi, said: “This is a hugely challenging time for theatres and venues, who are dependent on ticket income. We are trying to support our clients in any way possible, helping them to appeal to theatre-goers who have already purchased tickets to also support the arts at this time by donating the cost of the ticket back to the venue. If the majority of customers chose to support theatres and the arts by opting to refuse their refund, it would make a significant impact on a venue’s financial stability and its long term viability.”


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