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SeatGeek Partners with Germani Basket Brescia Leonessa to Provide Improved Ticketing Experience

Club is SeatGeek’s first sporting partner in Italy

IVREA, ITALY (January 29, 2020) — SeatGeek announced a partnership with Germani Basket Brescia Leonessa of Italy’s Lega Basket Serie A. The organization is SeatGeek’s first ever sports team in Italy, following the launch of SeatGeek Italia in December 2018. As part of the partnership SeatGeek tickets the PalaLeonessa for all Basket Brescia Leonessa games.

Since going live, SeatGeek has brought a better experience to fans of the team, with a focus on improving the online purchase flow. The club has benefited from SeatGeek’s powerful SRO ticketing technology, giving it the ability to use tools like the rules-based engine and CRM-platform to deliver cutting edge dynamic ticketing. 

“I’m particularly proud of the fact that Germani Basket Brescia Leonessa is, in the Italian sport market, the first team to adopt SeatGeek’s technology, which is a worldwide leader in the ticketing market,” said Graziella Bragaglio, President of Basket Brescia Leonessa. “It allows us to exploit in the best way possible the relationship with our audience, taking advantage of a greater flexibility and a better way to control the fans experience during the whole purchasing flow.”

SeatGeek’s box office technology is already used by some of the biggest sports teams in the world, including Manchester City, the Dallas Cowboys, and Maccabi Tel Aviv. In fact, SeatGeek is used by 40 percent of English Premier League teams, more than any other ticketing provider. 

“We are pleased to bring our innovation into the world of Italian sport. The BBL will be the first sports club in Italy to value the potential of a really automated dynamic and totally integrated price in the ticketing system. We have noticed a great appreciation from our clients about the new ticketing system. SeatGeek has generated positive feedback from fans, strengthening the online sales with numbers never seen before in previous years,” said Andrea Maszeli, Ticket Sales Director for Basket Brescia Leonessa.

“I know SeatGeek globally, that is why we are so proud to deploy this great innovation in ticketing also in the Italian sport market, thanks to this new partnership. SeatGeek’s SRO ticketing system helps us to select our audience, being always ready and effective in communicating with clients, using dedicated and customized offers,” Maszeli continued.

In December of 2018 SeatGeek launched its SeatGeek Italia office, which is focused on working with live event clients throughout Italy. SeatGeek Italia already tickets a variety of venues, and sees sports clubs as a major growth opportunity. 

“Basket Brescia is a club fully focused on the fan experience, and we are excited to work with them to deliver an improved flow for those attending their games,” said Matteo Tradardi, Managing Director of SeatGeek Italia. “We see a lot of growth potential in the Italian sports leagues, and are excited to have our first partner.”


SeatGeek is the leading mobile-focused ticket platform that enables fans to buy and sell tickets for sports, concert, and theatre events. SeatGeek Enterprise – the company’s primary ticketing platform – is used by many of the UK’s Premier League Football clubs, the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) as well as the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints and Pelicans, a large portion of London’s West End Theatres, and major performing arts venues around Europe. Headquartered in New York, SeatGeek also has international offices in Israel, Italy, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


Basket Brescira Leonessa is a professional basketball team in Italy’s Lega Basket Serie A, and plays its home games at the PalaLeonessa.