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SeatGeek Open

Finding fans where they spend time online

The digital world is increasingly fragmented: fans are spending more time in more places online than ever before. Why should rightsholders try to reach ticketbuyers through just one channel and one website? Our vision for an open ticketing ecosystem integrates the buying experience directly within popular ecommerce websites, travel tools, messaging apps, and other places fans spend time online.

Our mission is to enable rightsholders to reach more fans, and as a result, sell more tickets to new audiences by putting inventory into the hands of other companies. Opening up this pipeline also increases the amount of data flowing back to the rightsholder through the SeatGeek Open distribution layer, allowing teams and venues to better understand which fans are attending their games by gathering purchase data from dozens of sources their tickets sell on.

Fans aren’t discovering and enjoying as many live events as they should be. Through our easy and elegant Open APIs, SeatGeek Open allows fans to more easily find and buy tickets to events they’ll love, and enables rightsholders to drive more revenue.

Team / Venue

Ticket Sales
SeatGeek Open API

Ticket Platforms

Social Networks

Video Platforms

Rideshare Programs

Travel Websites

More revenue

Sell your tickets anywhere and everywhere, with full control over inventory allocation and pricing by channel.

Better data

Total visibility into the chain of custody of every ticket on every channel with customer data flowing directly to your data warehouse.

No fraud

Open barcode reissue API means that no two customers can end up with the same barcode.