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Bringing the box office into the digital era

The most modern ticketing system on the market, SRO upends the ticketing status quo. Legacy systems are known for manual reporting, overworked staff, and inflexibility. Endlessly customizable, SRO provides rightsholders with control and efficiencies across their organization, including automated reporting and the most customizable rules-based engine ever built. Using its modern, web-based, API-driven platform, our clients manage the sale of tickets, subscriptions, and memberships with more ease and control than ever before.

Rules-based Engine

Powerful if-then logic allows you to pre-set rules around practically every element in SRO, including pricing scenarios and dynamic business decisions for inventory availability, discounts, packages, access control, booking fees and commissions.



You’ll no longer need a third-party reporting system with SRO. The reporting system provides access to an unlimited number of reports that can be configured at the user level. Reports are available in real-time, on mobile devices, and can be sent to anyone at any time.



Every aspect of event management – from set up, to seat plans, to sales channels – can be easily and quickly configured within SRO, providing the flexibility and control you need to maximize sales opportunities and customer satisfaction.



SRO is designed to create efficient processes, maximize throughput and reduce data flow as much as possible. In short, SRO can accommodate your biggest on-sale day of the year, capable of handling thousands of transactions simultaneously.