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TopTix Joins SeatGeek!

We believe that modern technology can be a force for good in live entertainment. That’s why we created SeatGeek Open – a platform which enables teams, artists, and fans to buy and sell tickets across the open web. Openness means harnessing the power of the internet to create better experiences.

In order to launch SeatGeek Open last August, we needed to find a partner that shared our vision, and whose powerful box office technology would enable a true API-driven entertainment platform. We did an exhaustive worldwide search, but in the end the selection of Israel-based TopTix was remarkably clear and unequivocal. They brought unprecedented technology and incredible talent to SeatGeek Open.

Today, we’re over-the-moon excited to announce that TopTix is joining SeatGeek.

TopTix was started in 2000 in Karmiel, Israel by two remarkable entrepreneurs, Eli Dagan and Yehuda Yuval. Since then, they’ve grown to 115 employees across four continents. As we’ve gotten to know the people at TopTix, we’ve been struck by how similar they are to the people at SeatGeek – bright, humble, and driven by a core belief in the transformative power of technology. We couldn’t be more stoked that this extraordinary group is now part of our team.

TopTix’s primary ticketing platform, called SRO, is by far the strongest and most modern backend ticketing platform on earth. It serves more than 500 venues, and processes over 80 million tickets a year in 16 countries across the globe. Current TopTix clients range from museums and theaters to festivals and sports teams, including well-known organizations such as the Ravinia Festival, the Royal Dutch Football Association, West End theaters, and several English Premier League clubs.

We’re excited to continue to support all current TopTix clients from TopTix’s seven global offices. The TopTix engineering team will remain 100% focused on SRO, working to further extend the platform with all of SeatGeek’s resources now behind them.

We believe the future of ticketing is open. Openness means enabling teams and venues to fill their venues. Most importantly, it means making fans happier.

Joining forces with TopTix will allow us to make SeatGeek Open an even more powerful platform and to create more great experiences for fans. SeatGeek and TopTix have already helped Sporting Kansas City, our first client, sell more tickets and reach new fans, while giving supporters easy access to the games they love. Now that we’re officially operating as one, we’re feverishly excited about the potential this unlocks and our future together as a single united company.